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Data Driven Enterprise for an AI-driven augmented future

Science of analyzing raw data in order to reveal trends and metrics helpful to develop key performance indicators(KPIs), return on investment (ROI), and provide insight into past performance. We’ll help you to strategize the right data analytics technique: descriptive, diagnostic, predictive and prescriptive analytics, and be a partner of your data driven journey.

“Increase ROI and Empower your Business Insights!”

How can Data Analytics help your organization?

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    Proactivity & Anticipating needs to deliver contextually relevant, real-time experiences and accurate measure of ROI to your businesses.
    Deliver Personalisation, retention and Loyalty in a multi-channel service environment. Automation is creating a real opportunity for workers to use technology to help them solve problems and eliminate mundane tasks.
    AI is helping to get data analytics by democratizing the process of generating reports, mitigating Risk & Fraud to protect financial assets from misuse by internal and external threats.
    Predictive modeling allows organizations to understand the root causes behind problems, optimizing & improving the customer experience, acquisition and retention, a unique approach to market their products.
  • BUILD DATA LAKES OR DATA HUB Augment the Enterprise Data Foundation to support emerging use cases across different areas and enable a data driven digital experience.
  • DEVELOP DATA PIPELINES Design and Develop robust and loosely coupled production grade end-to-end data pipelines from sandbox to production environment.
  • INSIGHT-DRIVEN TRANSFORMATION Engage in the data-driven transformation journey, by solving complex business problems and delivering business use cases via a business-first approach, to enable the true potential of data transformation.
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  • Insights & Data Strategy Recalibrate your business via an enterprise-wide data strategy, to address the key pitfalls, and scale-up data initiatives in line with the overall vision of the business.
  • Data Migration to Cloud Bring cloud services together to speed migration and move your data warehouses on cloud like Snowflake, to mitigate risks, easier to use, and far more flexible than traditional data warehouse offerings.
  • Cloud Platforms Move your ERP solutions and data to cloud and leverage Software as a Service (SaaS) to drive performance and innovation
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  • Descriptive Analytics Helps to summarize past data, usually in the form of dashboards, to track Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), and includes KPI dashboards, Monthly revenue reports, and Sales leads.
  • Predictive Analytics “What is likely to happen” – it utilizes previous data to make predictions about future outcomes, including Sales forecasting, Customer segmentation to identify best leads, customer success and many more use cases.
  • Prescriptive Analytics “Data-driven realm” – Deliver state of the art technology and data practices like Artificial Intelligence (AI) systems, to continuously learn and use this information to make informed decisions, and capable of putting these decisions into action.

Our approach

We have expertise in delivering mission-critical, core business solutions in the Cloud, with proven architecture blueprints and big data expertise to ensure the success of your data initiatives. After assessing your goals, we’ll work with you to define the Strategic guidelines and Tactical implementation on the cloud for your business needs and deliver it at speed.Our relationships with Microsoft and Snowflake, helps your organization to set up your state of art business and technology centers,and help to mitigate challenges.

Information Technology Connection Graphics Concept
  • Guiding Principles
  • business context (Demand, Supply, and Operating Model)
  • Enterprise Data Foundation Architecture (L1, L2, L3)
  • Architecture Deep Dive
  • Identify and Define Technology Landscape
Mixed media, HR, Human resources
  • Data Integration Patterns
  • Data Management, Quality, Cataloging and Modeling
  • Identify and Define Source to Target Mappings
  • Data Transformation, Storage and Processing
  • Data Definitions & Governance Model
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  • Define Scope, Guidelines & Patterns
  • Model Training & Feature Store
  • Model Life Cycle Management
  • Model Deployment and Containerization
  • DevOps Modeling
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  • Self Service Analytics
  • Mockups and Wireframes
  • Data Discovery
  • Dashboards & Visualization
  • Ad-hoc Reporting

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