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Professional Service Digital Innovation

Complete ERP Software for Your Professional Service Business

Digital transformation is making waves across every vertical, and the Service industry is no exception; Microsoft Dynamics 365 is helping Service Industry to take advantage of this new era of tools like Microsoft Dynamics 365 Solutions.

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A service company always needs high-performing technological solutions to manage both its own initiatives and customer relations. Remaining competitive means minimizing costs while increasing customer satisfaction. Anyone in the professional services industry already knows that businesses are facing a host of new challenges each year with 2020 being far from an exception.

The day-to-day world of professional services will continue to shift as client and employee expectations adapt to the onset of new technology accelerating to compensate for present-day hurdles. Clients demand greater value, better quality and faster delivery of their solutions and services. Transparency and empowerment also place high on the list of must-haves.

We provide Microsoft Dynamics 365 Solution to variety of professional service clients including:

  • Advertising and public relations
  • Architects and engineers
  • Consulting firms
  • Construction firms
  • Service Repair firms
  • Oil Field Service firms
  • Law firms
  • Medical firms
  • Financial firms
  • Management firms
  • Real Estate firms

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Solutions Overview

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Microsoft Dynamics 365 offers professional services firms an integrated approach - from sales, planning, resourcing, and delivery to billing, with ERP and CRM applications.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 offers a cloud-based solution that gives you a unified view of your entire organization along with real time data and insights about your operations and finances. Implementing Microsoft Dynamics 365 for your Professional firm also brings in the following benefits:

  • The Intelligent Relationship Assistant helps you win more deals and Identify upsell opportunities by providing a suggested course of action based on activities with your customers and prospects
  • Centralize collaboration, project planning, resource scheduling, to produce accurate project plans and estimates
  • Allows firms to track time and resource allocations and manage financials.
  • Minimize write offs by giving customers access to a real time portal allowing them to view the status of their account and pay their bills
  • Microsoft Dynamics for Service & Repair Shops boosts efficiency and effectively manage service and repairs for your customers, including sales, service contracts, warranty tracking, and parts.
  • Respond quickly to last-minute customer requests and changes, and take advantage of new business opportunities to stay ahead of your competition.
  • D365 Mobile app to enter time and expenses while out of the office
  • Business Intelligence – Leverage Power BI to create dashboards that provide your team with real-time information that allows you to view information such as actual vs budget and profitability by project

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Optimize Fulfillment

Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management meets the logistical needs of multinational operations with a distributed order management solution.


Improve Product Costing

Effectively evaluate cost implications of every product and order up front - including every detail of component and manufacturing costs.


Streamline Customer Returns

Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management tracks every return product and reason, providing vital insights that can help minimize future returns.


Ensure High Quality Products

Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management helps organizations adhere to stringent product standards at every stage, all the way downstream to the end customer.


Fine-Tune Transportation

Effectively manage containers, loads, vehicles and routes in Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management to meet deadlines, especially specific delivery slots.


Why Work With InGenious

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  • Evaluate new solutions

    We have certified staff that can assist growing Service Industry to implement Microsoft Dynamics 365 Solution. Get help identifying the Dynamics 365 application that best fit your needs now and as your business needs change going forward. Whether you are deploying a new system, need support for an existing system, want to upgrade, have a difficult issue to resolve, or need a custom module or system integration built our certified staff that can get the job done right.

  • Tailor existing solutions

    Customize or enhance business processes with partner apps that add industry-specific functionality to the out-of-the-box capabilities of Dynamics 365

  • Stay on track

    Receive ongoing support consultation and optimization recommendations from trusted advisors who are with you every step of the way.

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