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Microsoft Dynamics Customer Service

Dynamics 365 Customer Service helps you manage customer expectations and gives you the necessary tools to keep your customers happy.


Dynamics 365 Customer Service helps build brand affinity and customer loyalty and gives you the streamlined data and unified technology you need to deliver personalized experiences.

Today’s customers have higher expectations than ever before. To exceed those expectations, you need to remove the barriers that hinder you and your customers from delivering and receiving a seamless experience. Dynamics 365 Customer Service addresses those barriers head-on. By unifying the data and technology used to power your organization, it helps you give personalized service across any channel.

The built-in intelligence of Dynamics 365 Customer Service delivers faster, more personalized support. This kind of support adds value to every customer interaction.

Enable personalized, self-service solutions

  • Activate virtual agents for modern self-service solutions. Give customers access to knowledge articles and AI-powered virtual agents to quickly resolve issues, so your agents can use their time to address more complex customer problems.
  • Interact with customers on their preferred channel. Omnichannel support includes voice, chat, SMS, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, WeChat, Twitter DM, and Line, all from a unified agent desktop.
  • Anticipate customer needs. Get at-a-glance views of the conversation summary, timeline of support interaction history, and a customer’s recent cases.

Empower teams with tools for increased productivity

Dynamics 365 Finance & Operation

  • Help agents get answers faster. AI-powered suggestions leverage real-time context cues to recommend similar knowledge articles or cases. Agents can reference those resources to resolve customers’ issues quickly
  • Easily switch between open cases or tasks. Give agents the option to work across multiple open cases without losing any work in progress.
  • Engage experts faster. Use Microsoft Teams to help agents connect with subject-matter experts and resolve complex cases quickly, regardless of their job function or location
  • Analyze and act on customer feedback. Combine customer data with survey insights from Dynamics 365 Customer Voice, included with Customer Service.

Optimize service with actionable insights.

  • Analyze comprehensive support insights. Built-in AI detects emerging trends and automation opportunities across support topics, agents, engagement channels, and knowledge management to enhance support delivery.
  • Adapt quickly to real-time customer sentiment. Understand customer interactions in real time using sentiment analysis and translation. Give agents the context they need to steer conversations toward a positive resolution.
  • Track success against key performance indicators. Get actionable insights and improved visibility into how agents and support topics are affecting organizational KPIs.
  • Enhance your knowledge base with knowledge search insights. Help knowledge managers identify knowledge article gaps by understanding what topics agents are searching for to help resolve customer issues.

Deliver proactive service with IoT

  • Proactively fix device issues. Send remote commands to resolve issues before customers even notice that anything’s wrong
  • Enhance support with integrated IoT alerts. Help agents identify devices in need of attention with embedded alerts in the agent dashboard.
  • Monitor device health index. Help agents monitor real-time device readings to identify devices that need attention and confirm that fixes were effective.

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